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Prescrever Aqua Cross Training® é estar consciente da singularidade de cada corpo, procurando estimular os pontos fortes e amenizar ou corrigir os pontos fracos!


Muscular Strenght




Conteúdos Programáticos

AQUA CROSS TRAINING® is an innovative and exclusive modality, designed and created to add value to the student through physical exercise. In this new methodology, the aquatic space thus appears as its privileged place of action, providing practitioners with the unique opportunity to benefit from the numerous advantages that this medium has to offer! Combining resistance to technique, as well as strength work, AQUA CROSS TRAINING® promises to provide challenging classes that will take all practitioners to test their own limits!

With the application of this aquatic program you will be able to apply the most appropriate exercises, with and without equipment, to the physical condition and goals of your students, as well as apply the principles and specific methodology of the modality, making you a more competent and differentiated professional.


Advantages of being an Aqua Cross Training® Coach:

  • Acceleration of the process of professional excellence;

  • Availability of knowledge in a faster and simpler way;

  • Access to exclusive content;

  • Achieve professional success guaranteed;

  • Exclusive Continuous Training;

  • Unique aquatic training service;

  • Objective prescription of a class;

  • Planning support;

  • Musical support;

  • Support for verbal and non-verbal communication in class;

  • Access to all information through the AQUA INNOVATION digital platform;

  • Less personal time spent on class preparation.



1. Introduction to Certification

What does the Aquatic Program consist of?

Purposes inherent to the creation of the modality

2. Theoretical foundations of the modality

On what physiological principles is the modality theoretically based?

3. Aqua Cross Training® Definition

What is it and how is it specifically distinguished

4. Methodology

Methodology components that support and differentiate the modality

The variety of specific exercises of the applied methodology

The need to adapt the exercises to the individual capacity of the students - application of progressions and regressions

5. Objectives and benefits of practicing the sport

What is intended and what are the effects that practitioners acquire in terms of development and improvement of their physical abilities, health and quality of life

6. Planning and Prescription

Planning and prescription as fundamental parts of the class - presentation of different work dynamics and training methods

7. Communication

The importance of communication as an instructor

The different types of verbal and non-verbal communication applied in each class moment

8. Equipment

Knowledge and handling of all sport-specific equipment

9. Practical component in the pool

Informações Gerais


  1. Accomplish the AQUA CROSS TRAINING® Certification;

  2. Purchase the minimum Training Kit (Option 1 or Option 2 - see video). Not mandatory for International Coaches;

  3. Make a quarterly subscription to access the Digital Platform for a minimum period of 6 months.


  • 1 Training Plan per week with visual instruction of contents AQUA CROSS TRAINING® - structured planning with progressions and regressions of exercises adapted to the individual abilities of the practitioners;

  • Quarterly 1 complete Playlist;

  • International COACH AQUA CROSS TRAINING® Certificate.


25 and 26 June, 2022

16 Hours (2 days)





After completing the certification, you can access continuous training through our Digital Platform.

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